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Metal Enclosure,Electronic Enclosure,Diecast Metal,Electronics Enclosure,
Weatherproof Enclosure

Metal Enclosure,Electronic Enclosure,Diecast Metal,Electronics Enclosure,Weatherproof Enclosure

1) Part Modeling & Die Designing:

We use Solid Works 2008 for making part 3D models, Die design lay out & Core Cavity extraction. Our Core competency is in identifying likely problem areas & potential weight savings while increasing the strength of the parts. This includes thermal, ejection and injection force balancing analysis; because if your die designs involve complex 3D geometry, this is a major part of the equation. We provide a turnkey solution to your 3D die design & service needs. 3D is the only solution to improve time to market and reduce errors. 3D is a universal language allowing clear communication and collaboration. The results are superior to 2D die design methods.

Modeling & Die Designing
Modeling & Die Designing
Modeling & Die Designing
Modeling & Die Designing
Part Modeling & Die Designing
2) Die Making & Maintenance:

We have a full-fledged tool room in house, capable of meeting all the requirements of die making and maintenance.

Our vast experience and catalogued design history helps us in designing the flow and implementing gates and runners so as to fill castings from 1.2mm wall thickness to castings of upto 10mm thick without problems.
We can re design the parts for economy and reduce the wall thickness while maintaining the strength by giving strengthening members

Special focus is given to the product’s functional areas, aesthetic areas, load bearing sections and to be machined areas and the designing of the product right from material to its flow and thermal and ejection balancing is adjusted accordingly, to give maximum reliability with lowest rejections even after subsequent operations such as machining and surface treatments for faults such as blow holes, etc.

Following our quality principles, we design die cast tooling considering aspects like durability and long life. These tools can survive the most rugged conditions along with increased strength and reliability and have a long service life (we have many tools which have crossed 0.4 million shots).

Die Making & Maintenance
3) Die Castings:

We are having die-casting shop with machines ranging from 80 to 600 tonnes capable of producing components from 0.5 grams to 3.5 kg.

Our fully automated closed loop die casting cell maintains history of process parameters for every shot. It achieves repeatability and quality in every shot by adjusting itself automatically to reach the set parameters.

We have defined special process parameters and aids to achieve wall thicknesses as thin as 1.2 mm and as thick as 10 mm without problems.

We are well equipped to provide quality products in both high and low volumes. We utilize Control Plans and Process Parameter Sheets and die maintenance plan and spares for every item to eliminate production errors, improve surface finish and integrity of castings and reduce wear and tear of die and achieve timely dispatches.

Proof machining is carried out on all machined areas during casting cycle. Traceability is maintained up to 5 years for all process parameters, on line inspection reports, material composition and our suppliers heat no.

Die Castings
4) In-House Tool & Die Services

We also offer tool design, building, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance for Die-casting dies

Arko Engineers is having its own talented team of Tool & Die Design Engineers. All are highly experienced in designing Dies, EDM masters and CNC Fixtures, and Inspection Gauges. Our Design Engineer's skills are also utilized in Die Repair, Reverse Engineering, and Rapid Prototyping. Our Tool and Die Design Department is equipped with the latest design software of 3 D Solid Works..

ARKO ENGINEERS repairs damaged and worn die-sets in our in house Tool Maintenance Department.  Even if the tool wasn’t originally built by ARKO ENGINEERS, we will rejuvenate your worn tooling, replace broken punches, pins and die-inserts, clean, and refurbish the tool.  ARKO ENGINEERS will also set up a routine maintenance program to keep production to specification, as well as extend the life of the tool.

Mould maintenance plans are used and every special mould repair request is evaluated for potential problems to eliminate bigger problems from arising later and get the die on time so as not to hamper the scheduled deliveries.

5) Finishing:

After Casting and machining process, components are finishedFinishing using shot blasting machines or vibro-finishing machines. Especially, smaller component are finished in so called vibro-finishing machines which also does the de- greasing of casting.

Arko engineers provide vibro finishing machines. Their state-of-the art designs find extensive use in the mass deburring and polishing of metal components. Their quality, superior process and shorter process time give the machines an edge over alFinishingl other such processes. Vibratory machines with separation are generally used for deburring, polishing, descaling, etc.

We also use Vibro dryer where heated corn cobs absorb the part moisture and dry the part without staining.

Our process includes Fettling Vibro deburring, Vibro Drying, Hard Anodizing as per MIL standard and Powder Coating.

6) Powder Coating of Die Castings

Arko Engineers has proven expertise when it comes to high quality, high volume masking and powder coating of small parts as well as big parts.

Die casting is a manufacturing process whereby a cast part - usually made of aluminum, or zinc alloys - is made by melting the alloy, then forcing it with intense pressure into a mold where it then solidifies. Since die casting is used to manufacture parts of sometimes unique and sophisticated shapes, it is imperative that every inch of the part be protected against corrosion, scratching, grit, grime, heat, cold and various weather elements.

Working tirelessly to your exact specifications and utilizing our non-chromate adhesion enhancement process in our company, Arko Engineers consistently achieves surface coatings that exhibit superior bonding properties together with under film protection on even the most difficult aluminum and zinc alloys.

The process is fine tuned to remove all the residual oil / coolant from deep holes and recesses during the 7 tank pre treatment. Masking is carried out where ever required and coating done using a electro static gun and residual powder filtered and recollected.

Care is taken by proper identification, storage and planning to use the powder within its shelf life.

We use ROHS compliant chemicals and can also supply coatings complying to REACH standards where ever it is the part requirement.

Every lot is inspected for film thickness (in house film thickness measuring instrument), grain (for structured finish), shade (to RAL standards) and adhesion (nail test)

Powder Coating


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